WOOD, Mark

WOOD, Mark. Perth, Scotland 1747 — London 6.2.1829. Sir (Bart.). British (Scottish) Military Engineer and Traveller in India. Son of Alexander Wood. Cadet 1770, in 1772 joined Bengal Engineers, his two brothers were also in E.I.C.’s military service. Surveyor-General 1787, Chief Engineer in Bengal 1790, retired as Colonel and returned to the U.K. in 1793 because of health problems. He was elected M.P. in 1794, 1796, and 1802, retired in 1818. Baronetcy 1808. Married 1786 Rachel Dashwood (d. 1802), two sons, also a daughter from Indian relationship.

Publications: Review of the Origin, Progress, and Result, of the Decisive War with the late Tippoo Sultaun, in Mysore. 32+88+112+48+56+100 p. L. 1800.

The Importance of Malta considered in the Years 1796 and 1798, with Remarks during a Journey from England to India through Egypt in 1799. 78 p. L. 1803.

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