WYATT, Joseph Light

WYATT, Joseph Light. Bishopsworth near Bristol 31.3.1841 — Brandon, Suffolk 22.2.1936. Rev. British Missionary and Tamil Scholar in India. Son-in-law of —> R. Caldwell. Born into a large farming family, son of Joseph Wyatt and Martha Light. M.A. Trained as missionary in Canterbury. Worked in South India in 1867-98, first with Caldwell in Idaiyangudi, from 1880 in Tiruchirappalli, mainly as teacher working together with his wife, until 1895. Back in England Rector of Brandon, Suffolk from 1899. Also taught Tamil at Cambridge (University teacher from 1895, in 1924 still there). In 1862 married Elizabeth Isabella Caldwell (1847–1933), four daughters, three sons.

Publications: With T. Ramakrishna Pillai revised the third edition of Caldwell’s Comparative Grammar of the Dravidian or South Indian Family of Languages. 11+640 p. 1913.

– Edited: Bishop Caldwell’s Reminiscences. 195 p. Madras 1894.

Sources: Briefly mentioned in Cambridge Univ. Calender for the Year 1917-18, p. 72; life dates and family in http://www.myjacobfamily.com/favershamjacobs/josephlightwyatt.htm; details of career and photo in https://www.britishempire.co.uk/article/faithandfamily/josephwyatt.htm.

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