SCHLAGINTWEIT, Robert von. Munich 27.10.1833 — Giessen 6.6.1885. German Traveller in India and Central Asia. Son of oculist Joseph Schl. and Rosalia Seidl, brother of —> Adolf, Emil and Hermann Schl. Studied science. In 1851 ascended Mount Rosa with his brothers. In 1853 followed the example of his brothers launching own scientific study of mountains. In 1854 he followed his brothers to India. With Adolf explored the Western Himalayas in summer 1855, in winter 1856 travelled alone in Central India. In April 1856 all three met in Simla, but parted again, and Robert turned directly to Ladakh, meeting Hermann in July in Leh. In disguise the two proceeded to Central Asia, crossed the Kunlun, and returned via Leh to Kashmir. In December Robert left Rawalpindi, travelled down the Indus, to Cutch and Bombay, and after a visit to Ceylon left for Europe in May 1857. Robert and Hermann were received enthusiastically and conferred the title of Bavarian nobility in 1859. From 1864 Professor of Geography at Giessen. He made many tours of lectures (in 1868 in the U.S.A.). Unmarried.

Publications: Studies on the Alps; see further under Hermann Schl.

Robert von Schlagintwait’s 1000 Vorträge. 1878; four books about the U.S.A. 1870-76; three further books. 1882-86.

Sources: H. Mayr, N.D.B. 23, 2007, 24f.; E. Schlagintweit, “Adolf, Hermann und Robert Schl.”, A.D.B. 31, 1890, 336-347; Wikipedia with photo (two photos and further details in German version).

*M. v. Brescius, Fr. Kaiser & St. Kleidt (eds.), Über den Himalaya. Die Expedition der Brüder Schl. nach Indien und Zentralasien 1854 bis 1858. 2015.

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