BARTUS, Theodor

BARTUS, Theodor. Lassan near Greifswald 30.1.1858 — Berlin 28.1.1941. German, Assistant to the Berlin Ethnological Museum, participated in all four Prussian Turfan expeditions 1902–14. Son of a Pomeranian weaver, he had been sailor and a squatter in Australian outback, but returned to Germany and, after losing his money in a bankrupt Australian bank, was employed in the Berlin Museum of Ethnology as museum technician from 1888 and remained there until his death. He was a resourceful helper during the expeditions, and was occasionally given the charge of individual excavation. Later also participated in expeditions in Mesopotamia and India.

Publications: Apparently nothing.

Sources: P. Hopkirk, Foreign Devils on the Silk Road. L. 1980 (passim, see the index, with a photo); Wikipedia; *M. Knüppel, “Theodor Bartus (1858–1941) – Anmerkungen zu seinem siebzigsten Todestag”, Pommern. Zeitschrift für Kultur und Geschichte 4, 2010, 14-18.

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