SEDDON, Charles Norman

SEDDON, Charles Norman. Rock Ferry, Cheshire 18.12.1870 — Oxford 27.3.1950. British Civil Servant and Oriental (Marathi and Persian) Scholar. Son of Charles John S. and Emily Washburn. Educated in Liverpool, in 1889-91 studies at Oxford (Balliol College). Around 1891 to India, served in I.C.S., mainly in Gujarat. In retirement University Lecturer in Persian and Marathi at Oxford (1924). Honorary M.A. 1928. Married. Said to be an excellent scholar of Gujarati and Marathi, also of Persian.

Publications: An elementary Marathi Grammar. 7+66 p. L. 1931.

Chronicle of the Early Safāwis: being the Aḥsanu’t-tawārīkh of Ḥasan-i-Rūmlū. 1-2. G.O.S. 57 & 69. Baroda 1931-34.

Articles and reviews in JASB and JRAS.

Sources: R.E. Enthoven, JRAS 1950, 209f.

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