SELLE, Götz von

SELLE, Götz von. Torgau, Sachsen 28.1.1893 — Göttingen 6.10.1956. German Historian and Iranian scholar. Son of Hans von S., an officer (later colonel), and Augusta von Hanstein. After school in Steglitz studied at Berlin, Kiel and Göttingen history, art history and Iranian. Ph.D. 1920 Göttingen, in history. From 1924 employed in Göttingen university archives, from 1928 Librarian at Göttingen (1929-30 in Berlin Staatsbibliothek). In 1937 joined NSDAP. Bibliotheksrat 1938 and Hon. Professor 1939, Göttingen. Still 1939 Professor für Deutsche Bildungs- und Geistesgeschichte and Director of University Library at Königsberg. After war restored the Göttingen university library. In 1921 married Erika, Freiin von Bodenhausen, one daughter.

Originally von Selle planned to go on with Iranian studies, but the circumstances of early 1920s prevented this. His published reviews show that he followed the development of the field at least until the war.

Publications: Reviews of books on Iranian religion and history, Middle Iranian, etc. in GGA (1927, 435-444; 1929, 91-96; 1935, 182-191; 1939, 449-464) and OLZ (1933, 253-255; 1934, 444, 551-559; 1935, 634-636; 1936, 535-537, 542f.).

Edited with R. Fick: Briefe an Ewald. Aus seinem Nachlass hrsg. 8+223 p. Göttingen 1932.

Much on university history, etc. not relevant here.

Sources: Geneal. Handbuch des Adels B5, 1961, 392 (with photo); German Wikipedia with another photo.

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