SHAKESPEAR, John. Indore 1.9.1861 — 1942. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of Colonel Sir Richmond Campbell Sh. (1812–61, served in India) and Marion Sophia Thompson. “Educated at Wellington College and Sandhurst, entered the Army, 1881, and became Major, 1895. Intelligence Officer, Lushai and Chin-Lushai expeditions, 1888-9, … Superintendent, South Lushai Hills, 1891-6. C.I.E. 1896. Joined the Indian Staff Corps, 1896. Deputy Commissioner, Assam.” In 1905-14 Resident in Manipur. Lieutenant-colonel 1907. C.I.E.

Publications: The Lushais and the Land they live in. 1894; Lushei Kuki Clans. 250 p. L. 1912.

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Sources: Buckland, Dictionary;

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