SKREFSRUD, Laurentius (Lars) Olav

SKREFSRUD, Laurentius (Lars) Olsen. Fåberg in Oppland 4.2.1840 — Benagaria (now in Jharkand) 11.12.1910. Norwegian Missionary in India. in his troubled youth he was imprisoned for theft, but now found Bible and decided to become missionary. Studied for this in a Berlin mission school and left for India in 1863. Founder and leader of the Scandinavian Santal Mission. Learned well Santali, but also Hindi, Bengali and Sanskrit. In 1881-83 travelled in Denmark and Norway to get support for the mission (as a result he found —> Bodding). In 1882 ordained priest in Kristiania (Oslo).

Publications: A Grammar of the Santhal Language. Benares 1873.

Edited: The Traditions and Institutions of the Santhals. Horkoren mare hapram-ko-reak’ katha. Benagarin 1987.

Began the translation of the Bible in Santali and completed the four Gospels. The work was continued by Bodding; religious book in Santali.

Sources: *O. Hodne, L.O.S. Missionary and Social Reformer among the Santals of Santal-Parganas. Oslo 1966; *I. Saeter, L.O.S. de Gründer der Santalmission. St. 1935; Wikipedia with photo.

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