SMIRNOV, Jurij Andreevič

SMIRNOV, Jurij Andreevič. Vladikavkaz 12.3.1923 — 17.2.1984. Russian Indologist, specialist of Pañjabi. Son of a worker. In 1941-58 served in army (in 1941-45 in war). Graduated 1954 from VIIJa. Kand. filol. nauk 1963. From 1967 naučnyj sotrudnik at Oriental Institute of Academy of Science in Moscow.

Publications: At least 50 items, e.g. kand.diss. Složno-podčinennoe predloženie s pridatočnymi opredelitel’nymi v sovremennom pandžabi. Manuscript of 296 p. M. 1963; parts in KSINA 39, 1963, 176-201 & Indijskaja i iranskaja filologija. M. 1964, 165-205.

The Composite Sentence (Complex and Compound Sentences). Main Problems (on the Illustrative Basis of Panjabi). 196 p. Chandigarh 1966.

Jazyk lendi. 195 p. M. 1970; English tr. The Lahndi Language. 162 p. M. 1975.

Grammatika jazyka pandžabi. 478 p. M. 1976.

Sources: Miliband 1977, 1995; *Bibliography in NAA 1983:6, 210f.; Wikipedia.

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