SMITH, George

SMITH, George. Leith 28.4.1833 — Edinburgh 24.12.1919. British (Scots) Teacher in India. “Son of Adam Smith, educated at the Royal High School and University of Edinburgh: LL.D. 1868. Professor 1854 and Principal 1855-58 of the Doveton College, Calcutta.” Then worked as journalist: editor and in 1859-75 India Correspondent of the Times. Fellow of Calcutta University in 1856-75. C.I.E. 1878. Returned to Scotland in 1879 and became Foreign Secretary of the Free Church of Scotland. He was twice married and had several children, two sons served as officers in India.

Publications: editor of Friend of India (Serampore) in 1859-75, of Calcutta Review in 1857-64, and of Annals of Indian Administration in 1859-75.

Life of Alexander Duff, D.D. 1870; Life of John Wilson, D.D., F.R.S. 1878;; Life of William Carey, D.D. 1885; A Modern Apostle: Alexander N Somerville. 1890; Henry Martyn, Saint and Scholar. 1891; Stephen Hislop. 1888; Bishop Heber Poet and Chief Missionary to the East. 1895.

Fifty Years of Foreign Missions. 1880.

Short History of Christian Missions from Abraham and Paul to Carey, Livingston and Duff. 1884.

The Geography of British India. Political and Physical. 1882; A Student’s Geography of India. 1882.

The Conversion of India from Pantaenus to the Present Time. 1893.

Twelve Indian Statesmen. 1897; Twelve Pioneer Missionaries. 1900.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.

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