SMITH, George

SMITH, George. Leith 28.4.1833 — Edinburgh 24.12.1919. British (Scottish) Teacher in India. Son of Adam Smith and Isabella Anderson. Educated at the Royal High School and University of Edinburgh: LL.D. 1868. Professor 1854 and Principal 1855-58 of the Doveton College, Calcutta. Then worked as journalist: editor and in 1859-75 India Correspondent of the Times. Fellow of Calcutta University in 1856-75. C.I.E. 1878. Returned to Scotland in 1879 and became Foreign Secretary of the Free Church of Scotland. He was twice married, 1855 with Janet Colquhoun Adam (1832-1888) and 1890 Mary Agnes MacKintosh (1849-1921), and had several children, two sons served as officers in India.

Publications: Editor of Friend of India (Serampore) in 1859-75, of Calcutta Review in 1857-64, and of Annals of Indian Administration in 1859-75.

Life of Alexander Duff, D.D. 1-2. L. 1870; Life of John Wilson, D.D., F.R.S. 13+652 p. 4 pl. L. 1878; Life of William Carey, D.D. Shoemaker and Missionary. 14+463 p. L. 1885; Stephen Hislop, pioneer missionary & naturalist in Central India from 1844-1863. 12+317 p. L. 1888; A Modern Apostle: Alexander N Somerville, D.D. 1813–1889. 9+423 p. L. 1890; Henry Martyn, Saint and Scholar, First Modern Missionary to the Mohammedans, 1781-1812. 12+580 p. L 1892; Bishop Heber Poet and Chief Missionary to the East. 19+370 p. L. 1895.

Fifty Years of Foreign Missions, or, The foreign missions of the Free Church of Scotland, in their year of jubilee, 1879-80. Edinburgh 1880.

Short History of Christian Missions from Abraham and Paul to Carey, Livingston and Duff. 14+226 p. Edinburgh 1884.

The Geography of British India. Political and Physical. 26+556 p. L. 1882.

The Conversion of India from Pantaenus to the Present Time. 19+258 p.  L. 1893.

Twelve Indian Statesmen. 8+324 p. L. 1897; Twelve Pioneer Missionaries. 11+304 p. L. 1900.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.

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