SOMMER, Johann Ferdinand

SOMMER, Johann Ferdinand. Trier 4.5.1875 — Munich 3.4.1962. German IE and Hittite Scholar. Professor in Jena and Munich. Educated in Kassel, studies at Marburg and Freiburg (Thurneysen). Ph.D. 1896 Freiburg (diss. on Celtology). PD 1899 Leipzig. From 1902 ord. Professor of Classics and Linguistics at Basel (succeeding Wackernagel), from 1909 at Rostock, from 1913 at Jena (succ. Delbrück), from 1924 at Bonn and from 1926 at Munich. Emeritus in 1951. FS was mainly known of his research of classical languages in the light of IE linguistics and of his Hittite studies. Married 1906 Johanna Kaiser, two daughters.

Publications: much on IE and classical philology, e.g. Handbuch der lateinischen Laut- und Formenlehre. 1902, 2nd ed. 1914; Zur Geschichte der griechischen Nominalkomposita. 1948; Zum Zahlwort. 1951.

with H. Ehelof: Das hethit. Ritual des Papanakiri vo Komana. 1924.

Die Ahhijawa-Urkunden. 1932; Hethiter und Hethitisch. 1947.

of Indological interest: “Zum vedischen Sandhi”, Streitberg Fs. 192?, 252-272 and a few brief notes on Sanskrit, e.g. in Festgabe Jacobi 1926, 33.

Schriften aus dem Nachlass. München 1977.

Sources: *Corolla linguistica. Festschrift F.S. Wb. 1955 with photo (this and another from Schriften 1977 in TITUS Galeria); photo in IF 61, 1954, bibliography in IF 62, 1955, 78-96; *D. Cherubim, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 873; B. Forssman, N.D.B. 24, 2010, 566f.; D.G.K. 1935; briefly D.B.E. 9, 1998, 368; Wikipedia (more in German version).

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