SOOTHILL, William Edward

SOOTHILL, William Edward. Halifax 23.1.1861 — Oxford 13.5.1935. Canadian Missionary in China, then Sinologist and Buddhist Scholar in the U.K. In 1882–1911 Wesleyan Missionary in China, in the end (1907-11) as Director of the Imperial University of Shanxi. When the university was sinicised in 1911, he moved to Hankow (Hankou) Central University and for a visit to Britain, but the war kept him there and later his health did no longer allow him to return to China. In 1920-35 Professor of Chinese at Oxford. Married 1884, his wife, Lucy Farrar, wrote the A Passport to China. L. 1931, and his daughter, Lady Hosie, several books about China.

Publications: much on Sinology (e.g. Chinese Dictionary. 1898; a tr. of The Analects of Confucius. 1910; China and England. 235 p. L. 1928) and on the history of mission.

The Three Religions of China. 1913, rev. ed. 1929; tr. The Lotus of the Wonderful Law. 1930.

with Lewis Hodous: A dictionary of Chinese Buddhist terms. With Sanskrit and English equivalents and a Sanskrit-Pali index. 510 p. L. 1937.

Sources: D.S. Margoliouth, JRAS 1935, 783-785; Wikipedia.

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