ŠOR, Rozalija Osipovna

ŠOR, Rozalija Osipovna (Josifovna). Kovno (Kaunas) 12.(24.)6.1894 — Moscow 18.3.1939. Russian Linguist. Born in Jewish family in Lithuania (then part of Russia), her father was chemist, who soon graduated as physician. In 1900 the family moved to Moscow. Studied German, but also under Vs. Miller, now became interested in narrative literature. In the 1920s naučnyj sotrudnik in linguistic section of Institut jazyka i literatury, in Institut narodov Vostoka and in Gosudarstvennaja Akademija hudožestvennyh nauk. In 1928-30 Professor at Azerbaijan University, in 1930-34 at Institut novyšenija kvalifikacii pedagokov. In 1934-39 Professor at N. G. Černyševskij Institute of Phiklosophy, Literature and History in Moscow, from 1935 Professor of Linguistics at Moskovskij gosudarstvennyj pedagogičeskij Institut and atLeningradskij Institut istorii, filosofii i lingvistiki. Dr. lingvističeskih nauk 1936. Died in cancer. A pioneer of Sociolinguistics. Knew and taught Sanskrit in Moscow.

Publications: “Einige russische Märchenparallelen zu ‘Bharaṭakadvātriṁśikā’”, AM 2, 1925, 163-169.

translated into Russian: selected stories of the Pančatantra. 1930; Dvadcat’ pjat’ rasskazov vetaly. 1939 (Vetalapañcaviṁśatika).

Much on European literature (books on Heine and Dickens) and on general linguistics.

Sources: briefly mentioned in Bongard-Levin & Vigasin 99 & 155; Russian Vikipedija with two photos and references (briefly also in German Wikipedia).

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