SPENCER, Arthur Marshman

SPENCER, Arthur Marshman. Calcutta 19.9.1886 — Calcutta 14.4.1943. British (?) Missionary in Bengal. Son of William Marshmn Sp. and Elizabeth Tasker Williams. Educated at Kingwood School and Headingly College, Leeds. In 1911-32 worked in Sarenga, then in Calcutta. Married 1915 Beatrice Mary Day.

Publications: Transl. from Bengali with E. J. Thompson: Bengali Religious Lyrics. Śākta. 103 p. Calcutta & Oxford 1923.

Sources: The book often mentioned in Internet, but almost nothing else, dates and family details in ancestors.familysearch.org, career in exoticindiaart.com in connection of his book. Unavailable to me is *E.H.C. Maguire & H.L.Paget, A.M.Sp. 1886-1943. 16 p. Calcutta 1946.

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