BAULEZ, Marius-Joseph-Aimé.

BAULEZ, Marius-Joseph-Aimé. Marseille 12.9.1842 — Bangalore 29.4.1906. French Missionary in India. Ordained priest in 1865 and in 1866 went to Pondichéry. From 1869 worked in Cuddalore, 1872 in Salem, from 1874 taught Tamil at a college in Karikal, from 1875 until end stayed in Vellore.

Publications: Transl. from Tamil: Le Panchatantra. 148 p. Bangalore 1878.

Vingt ans dans l’lnde. 18+198 p. P. 1886.

Handbook of conversation English and Tamil. With this little book and a few days work, a newly arrived European priest can speak to his surrounding people on ordinary things and hear confessions. For priests only. 72 p. Pondicherry 1895, new ed. 1904.

Méthode de tamoul vulgaire. 258 p. Pondichéry 1904.

Further works in French and Tamil.

Sources: with photo.

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