SUNESON, Carl. Stockholm 18.10.1941 — Stockholm 2.1.1995. Swedish Indologist. Grew up in Stockholm. From 1960 studies of Indology under Lienhard at Stockholm University, in 1965-66 under V. Raghavan in Madras. Cand.phil. 1964, Lic.phil. 1966 Stockholm. Became blind in the late 1970s, because of severe diabetes, caught as teenager, definitely from 1980. Working as Docent (Lecturer from c. 1966) at Stockholm University he taught Sanskrit and Hindi until his death. His excellent memory helped him to counteract the blindness so that he even was able of lecturing difficult Kāvya texts from memory. In his last years he continued teaching and research in spite of his drastily worsening condition. In the early 1990s he had his both legs amputated and became completely dependent of dialytic cures. From 1986 he had Mirja Juntunen as Research Assistant to read for him. In addition to Sanskrit and Hindi, he also knew Tamil and even Chinese. He had great interest in classical music, especially Wagner.

Publications: lic.phil. diss. publ. as Saurikathodaya. A yamaka poem by Vāsudeva. Ed. with translation, notes and introd. 219 p. Stockholm 1969; 2nd rev. ed. 191 p. Stockh. Studies in Indian languages and culture 1. Stockholm 1986.

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Richard Wagner und die indische Geisteswelt. 123 p. Ld. 1989 (Swedish 1985).

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Sources: M. Juntunen, BEI 11-12, 1993-94 (1995), 9-12, with select bibliography; W.L. Smith, AO 56, 1995, 28-30; personal knowledge (1990/93), also oral information from M. Juntunen.

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