SCHRADER, Otto. Weimar 28.3.1855 — Breslau 21.3.1919. German IE Scholar. Professor in Breslau. Son of a civil servant, educated in Weimar, studies at Jena, Leipzig and Berlin. Ph.D. 1877 Jena (or Leipzig?). PD 1887 Jena. In 1877-1909 schoolteacher (Oberlehrer) at gymnasium in Jena, from 1890 also ao. Professor of Indogermanistik at Jena. From 1909 ord. Professor of Indogermanistik at Breslau. Married 1879 Marie von Wilms, four children.

OS combined the methods of archaeology, ethnology and linguistics in reconstruction of IE prehistory and was in his times very famous for this. He was also a scholar of Slavic and made fieldwork in Russia in 1902 and 1908.

Publications: Diss. Quaestionum dialectologicarum Graecarum particula. Lp. 1877.

Sprachvergleichung und Urgeschichte. Jena 1883, vol. 2 Jena 1894, 3rd ed. 1906-07, also in English.

Linguistisch-historische Forschungen zur Handelsgeschichte und Warenkunde. 1. Jena 1886.

new editions of V. Hehn’s Kulturpflanzen und Haustiere. 6th 1894, 8th 1911.

Reallexikon der indogerm. Alterthumskunde. Strassburg 1901, 2nd ed. by A. Nehring. B. – Lp. 1917-29.

articles and reviews.

Sources: *A. Nehring, Idg. Jb. 7, 1919, 152-160; R. Schmitt, N.D.B. 23, 2007, 511f.; *JRAS 1919; briefly D.B.E. 9, 1998, 126; Wikipedia.

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