SCHOFF, Wilfred H.

SCHOFF, Wilfred Harvey. Newtonville, MA 27.11.1874 — Lower Merion, PA 14.9.1932. U.S. Historian of Commerce and Economy. Son of Frederic Sschoff and Hannah Kent. A.B. 1894 Harvard, A.M. 1896 University of Pennsylvania. In 1899 representative of Philadelphian Export Expedition in South America, Portugal, Spain and France. From 1900 until his death Secretary and Assistant Treasurer in Commercial Museum, Philadelphia. In 1901 Visiting Lecturer in Foreign Commerce at University of Wisconsin, 1903 at University of Illinois. Bolivian Consul in Philadelphia. Married 1900 Ethelwyn McGeorge, four daughters, one son, again 1925.

Publications: A genealogy of the Schoff family, writings on American questions.

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Sources: Who Was Who in Am. 1; briefly Wikipedia.

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