BAYNES, Herbert

BAYNES, Herbert Morton Walker. Kensington, Middlesex / Bayswater, Westminster 2.2.1855 — Cumberland / Manly, both in NSW, Australia 1.9.1928. British Scholar of Indian Religions, a Theosophist. In peoplepill briefly called “British Civil Servant and Orientalist”, were late adds “ Translator in the High Court in London. Was fluent in 22 languages”. Son of John Ash B. and Sarah Ellen Tuckett. Living in London (1885/1909). He was a member of the R.A.S. from 1885, but resigned his membership in 1919 (perhaps moved then to Australia). Married 1880 Isabella Jane Jackson, four daughters, two sons.

Publications: Several works on religions, on Dante, Theosophical books and articles, etc.

The evolution of religious thought in modern India. 128 p. L. 1889.

– “A Collection of Kammavācās”, JRAS 1892, 53-75 (text & transl.); “The Biography of B‘aga”, Actes du VIII Congrés des Orientalistes à Stockholm et Christiania 1889, III, section 2: Aryenne, 1893, 83-89; “A Buddhist illustrated MS. in Burmese”, Actes du X C. des Or. à Genève 1894, 127-136; “The Mirror of Truth or Bauddha Confession of Faith”, WZKM 10, 1896, 242-251.

text, transl. & notes: “The Mandukya Upanishad”, IA 26, 1897, 169-176; “The Vajaseneya [!] Upanishad”, IA 26, 1897, 213-216.

The Idea of God and the Moral Sense in the Light of Language. Being a Philological Enquiry Into the Rise and Growth of Spiritual and Moral Concepts. 1895; Ideals of the East. L. 1898 (Buddhism); The Way of the Buddha. 132 p. L. 1906 and several editions.

Sources: Works in the N.U.C.; life data in and in (same dates, but different places, given as second alternatives, family only in the first); not in the Br. Biogr. Arch.

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