SUTHERLAND, J. C. Colebrooke

SUTHERLAND, James Charles Colebrooke. Walcot, Somerset 6.11.1792 — Calcutta 1.2.1844. British Lawyer in India. Son of Andrew Sutherland (d. 1795), an officer, and Louisa Colebrooke, sister of —> H. T. Colebrooke, grew up in the house of his uncle James Edward Colebrooke. Member of I.C.S. and a lawyer, from 1807 in Calcutta. From 1810 Registrar to Calcutta High Court, from 1839 Principal and Superintendent of Hooghly Mohsin College in Calcutta. He was interested in Sanskrit from the legal viewpoint. Married 1814 Charlotte Garstin, three daughters and two sons.

Publications: Translated: The Dattaka Mimansa and Dattaka Chandrika. Two original Treatises on the Law of Adoption by Nanda Pandita and Devanda Bhaṭṭa. Transl. from the Sancrit. Calcutta 1814, 2nd ed. Calc. 1817, 3rd ed. 288 p. Calcutta 1821, etc.

Reports of Cases in the Court of Sudder Dewanny Adawlut. Vol. 5. 80 p. [Calcutta] 1830.

– “Sisupála Badha or death of Sisupála by Mágha. Transl. with Annotations”, JASB 1939, 16-21 (transl. of 1, 1-20).

– With W. B. O’Shaughnessy: “Notice of a Grant engraved on Copper, found at Kumbhi in the Saugor Territory”, JASB 8, 1839, 481-495; “Sanskrit Inscription on the Slab removed from above the Kothoutiya Gate of the Fort Rohtas”, JASB 8, 1839, 693-701 (both only signed “by the Editors”).

Sources: JRAS 8, 1846, v; genealogical account of Colebrooke family in; not in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st and 2nd Series.

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