SUMMER, Mary (nom-de-plume, really Marie [or Louise-Charlotte] Foucaux, née Filon). 1842 — 1902. French Indological Author. Daughter of Auguste Filon, a historian, wife of —> Ph. Ed. Foucaux. Married in 1862 (one source claims 1859), lived with her husband in Paris.

Publications: Les religieuses bouddhistes, depuis Sakya Mouni jusqu’à nos jours. 12+70 p. P. 1873.

Histoire du Bouddha Sakya-Mouni, depuis sa naissance jusqu’à sa mort. 16+208 p. P. 1874.

Contes et legendes de l’Inde ancienne. 10+153 p. P. 1878.

Les héroines de Kalidasa et celles de Shakespeare. 142 p. Bibl. Orient. Elzév. 24. P. 1884.

 Les aventures de la Princesse Soundarî. 251 p. P. 1893; other novels, etc.

Sources: *H. Cordier, TP N.S. 3, 1902, 248; *J. Paladilhe, “Marie Filon Foucaux”, D.B.F. 14, 1979, 606f.; Spanish Wikipedia; books in and; accounts of her real first name (Marie or Louise-Charlotte) and date of marriage vary. In her father is given as Gabriel-François Filon, but elswhere (e.g. as Charles Auguste Désiré Filon (and mother as Marie Theodorine Sandrie).

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