SCHULEMANN, Günther. Neisse/Schlesien (now Nysa in Poland) 26.8.1889 — Dresden 15.6.1964. German Philosopher and Buddhist Scholar. Professor in Breslau. Brother of —> Werner S. Studies of theology and philosophy at Berlin, Freiburg and Breslau, Ph.D. 1913 Breslau. Ordained priest 1918. PD 1923 Breslau. From 1930 nb. ao. Professor of Philosophy at Breslau, in 1939 lost his position through Nazi government. From 1934 also vicar in Brückenberg (now Karpacz, Poland), in 1946 moved to Berlin. Emplyed in Meissen diocese. Hon. Ph.D. 1952 Münster.

He became early interested in China and Tibet and conducted several travels of fieldwork.

Publications: Diss. on Thomas Aquinas, 1913; Ästhetik. 1930; books on Western philosophy and religion.

Geschichte der Dalai Lamas. 262 p. Heidelberg 1911, 2nd enl. ed. 519 p. Lp. 1957.

Buddha, Leben und Lehre. Breslau 1931.

tr. Die Botschaft des Buddhismus vom Lotos des guten Gesetzes. Freiburg 1937.

Sources: D.G.K. 1940-41; German Wikipedia.


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