SCHWARTZ, Ben (Benjamin). 1905? — 26.12.1981. U.S. IE Linguist and Anatolian Scholar. Studies at New York University: A.B. and M.A. Ph.D. 193? Columbia. In 1956-75 Associate Professor of Classics at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, then retired.

Publications: “Prakrit cia”, NIA 6, 1939, 420; articles in IE, Anatolian, etc.

– With J. A. Kerns: “Structural Types of the Indo-European Medio-Passive Endings, r and t Semes”, Language 13, 1937, 263-284; “The Laryngeal Hypothesis and Indo-Hittite, Indo-European Vocalism”, JAOS 60, 1940, 181-192; “Multiple Stem Conjugation: An Indo-Hittite Isogloss?”, Language 22, 1946, 57-67; “Initial Laryngeals in Tocharian?”, JAOS 83, 1963, 361f.; “Chronology of Athematics and Thematics in Proto-Indo-European”, Language44, 1968, 717-719; other articles.

– Diss. The Root and its Modification in Primitive Indo-European. 67 p. Language Diss. 40. Baltimore. 1947.

With J. A. Kerns: A Sketch of the Indo-European Verb. 8+83 p. Ld. 1972.

Hittite and Luvian studies.

Sources: A Linguistic Happening in Memory of B.S. Bibl. de Cahiers de l’Inst. de Ling. de Louvain 42. Louvain-la-Neuve 1988 (with photo and bibliography).

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