SCHWAB, Raymond.

SCHWAB, Raymond. Nancy 23.2.1884 — Paris 2.6.1956. French Author and Historian of Oriental Studies. Son of insurance director Alexandre S. and Léontine Lévy. Licence-es-lettres 1906. Participated in WW I 1915-19. In 1920 adopted Catholic Christianity. Served in high public offices (in senate), in 1940 dismissed because of his Jewish origin, but after the war continued his career.

Publications: La vie d’Anqutil-Duperron suivie des usages civils et religieux des parses par A.-D. 8+240 p. P. 1934.

La renaissance orientale. 526 p. P. 1950, English transl. The Oriental Renaissance: Europe’s Rediscovery of India and the East, 1680-1880 (Social Foundations of Aesthetic Forms). New York 1984

Also wrote poetry, fiction and essays.

Sources: *E. W. Said, “R.M. and the Romance of ideas”, Daedalus 109, 1976 (again in his The World, the Text and the Critic. Cambridge, MA 1983, 248-267); French Wikipédia.

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