BEAMAN, George Burnham

BEAMAN, George Burnham. Cincinnati, Ohio 1.4.1870 — 12.2.1942. U.S. Student of Indology in Germany. Son of the rev. Edmund B., a Swedenborgian minister, and Sarah Parsons. Educated in Cincinnati, and at University of Cincinnati (B.A. 1893). In August 1893 left for Europe, studied first at Jena, and from 1894 at Leipzig (under Windisch). Ph.D. 1895 Leipzig. Acording to the births of daughters lived in Philadelphia (1898) and Waltham, Middlesex, Mass. (1901). Married 1997 with Mary Burnham, two daughter.

Publications: diss. On the sources of the Dharmaśāstras of Manu and Yājñavalkya. 47 p. Lp. 1895.

Sources: Vita in the diss., nothing more in the N.U.C. Not in the Who Was Who in Am.; death and family data at


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