SCHÖHL, Hermann

SCHÖHL, Hermann. Rufach, Oberelsass (now Rouffach, Haut-Rhin) 28.4.1882 — 19??. German Student of Indology. Son of the director of an agricultural school. After gymnasium in Colmar (Alsace) studied Germanistics at Freiburg i.B., Munich, Göttingen and Strassburg, where he started Sanskrit under E. Leumann. After graduating in 1905 worked as school-teacher in Mülhausen (now Mulhouse) 1905-06, Blankenburg in Harz 1906-07, Berg (Gladbach) 1907-09 and Hamm in Westfalen from 1909. In Westfalen continued his studies under R. Schmidt at Münster. Ph.D. 1914 Münster. Apparently continued as teacher. Later he was teaching as Oberstudienrat in Bad Homburg (1946/57). Still living 1965.

Publications: Diss. Die Strophen der Mādhavānalakathā. 60 p. Halle 1914.

Sources: Vita in diss.; stray notes in Internet.

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