BECCARINI-CRESCENZI, Elena. 18?? — 19??. Italian Poet and Translator interested in Sanskrit. Born of (or married to) an old noble family of Siena. Probably student of Pavolini, the lived in Frascati.

Publications: translated: “Il dramma della Sacra di Rāma (Abhiṣekanāṭaka) composito dal poeta Bhāsa”, GSAI 27, 1915, 1-79; “L’“Avimāraka” di Bhāsa”, GSAI 28, 1916-17, 1-40.

– Il bambino nella letteratura indiana. Rome 1916.

– Italian translation of Dickens’ David Copperfield and Longfellow’s The Song of Hiawatha.

Sources: small hints from internet book catalogues.


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