BECKER, Christophorus (Christoph Edmund)

BECKER, Christophorus (born Christoph Edmund B.). Elsoff near Frankfurt 22.10.1875 — Würzburg 30.3.1937. S.D.S. German Catholic Missionary in India and Scholar of Missiology and Indian Ethnography. Dr.phil. and Dr.theol. A Salvatorian, ordained priest 1898. Docent 1900. From 1906 Apostolic Prefect of Assam in Shillong, India, formally until 1921, but interned in 1915 and eventually returned to Germany in 1916. Because of health problems could not return to India after war. From 1925 PD für Missionswissenschaft at Würzburg University (1928 Hon. Professor), and taught at Katholisches missionsärztliches Institut in Würzburg, which he had founded in 1923. Interested in Christian mission and in caste system.

Publications: Indisches Kastenwesen und christl. Mission. 164 p. Aachen 1921.

Im Stromtal des Brahmaputra. Aachen 1923, 2nd ed. 20+584 p. Bücher der Weltmission 7. Aachen 1927; Familienbesitz und Mutterrecht in Assam. 29 p. Munich 1925.

Indische Erzählungen. 256 p. Vienna 1925.

Further books on Christian mission, articles on missiology and ethnography, e.g. “Die Nongkrem-Puja in den Khasi-Bergen (Assam)”, Anthropos 4, 1909, 892-902; “Das Eierwerfen der Khasi”, Anthropos 12-13, 1917-18, 494-496.

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