LANE, George Sherman

LANE, George Sherman. Clio, Iowa 28.9.1902 — Chapel Hill, NC 18.9.1981. U.S. Linguist, Scholar of Germanic, IE, Celtic and Tocharian. Professor in Chapel Hill. Educated at State University of Iowa (B.A. 1926 in Comparative Philology, A.M. 1927 in English). In 1927–28 American-Scandinavian Foundation Fellow at University of Iceland, in 1928–29 American Field Service Fellow at Paris University, studying under Benveniste, Vendryes and Meillet, in 1929–30 University Fellow at University of Chicago (L. Bloomfield and C. D. Buck). Ph.D. 1930 University of Chicago (Buck). In 1930–34 Research Associate in Comparative Philology at Uni­ver­sity of Chicago, in 1934–37 Assistant Professor of Sanskrit and Comparative Philology at Catholic University of America in Washington D.C. Then at University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill: 1937–43 Associate Professor, 1943–50 Professor and 1950–72 Kenan Professor of Germanic and Comparative Linguistics. In 1952–55 Chairman of dept. of Germanic Languages. In 1956–57 visiting Professor at Oslo University. Retired in 1972. His main interests were Germanic linguistics, especially Icelandic, IE and Celtic linguistics, especially Tocharian.

Publications: Words for clothing in the principal indo-european languages. 44 p. Language dissertations 9. Baltimore MD 1931.

Tocharian Puṇyavantajātaka: Text and translation. Baltimore MD 1948; Vocabulary to the Tocharian Puṇyavantajātaka. Baltimore MD 1952.

articles on Tocharian e.g. in Language 1953; Fs. W. Krause 1960, 72-79; JAOS 85, 1965, 66-73 & 89, 1969, 542-546.

Studies in Kuchean grammar. 1. 53 p. Suppl. to JAOS 13. Baltimore MD 1958.

on Germanic linguistics.

Sources: Dir. of Am. Sch. 6th ed. 3; S. R. Smith, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 548; Wikipedia.

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