BEREZOVSKIJ, Mihail Mihailovič

BEREZOVSKIJ, Mihail Mihailovič. 1848 — 1912. Russian Traveller in Central Asia. rom 1976 repeatedly with Potanin in Mongolia, starting as zoologist and botanist, but geadually becoming also interested in antiquity. In 1902-08 headed as geographer and ethnographer a Central Asian expedition, in 1905-08 in Kucha with his brother making excavations and buying antiquities in the area. His collection in St.Petersburg contains 1876 manuscript fragments, all meticulously documented. Travel journals of his 14 ecpeditions are kept by Russian Academy.

Sources: I. Popova, “M.M. Berezovsky’s Expedition to Kucha (1905–1908)”, abstract at Only passingly mentioned in P. Hopkirk, Foreign devils on the Silk Road.; not in Kononov’s dictionary.


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