MASING, Uku (born Hugo Albert M.). Lipa, Raikküla, Rapla district 11.8.1909 — Tartu 25.4.1985. Estonian Polyglot and Religious Philosopher. Son of Ado (Aadu) M. and Anna Furman. From 1928 studied theology at Tartu (M.A. 1930). In 1930-33 further studies at Tübingen and Berlin, then taught theology and Semitic languages at Tartu until the German occupation. He disliked Germans and helped Jews during the war. In 1946-64 worked as study secretary of Estonian Lutheran Church, also taught Judaism and Buddhism as Docent at Tartu. A polyglot who knew many languages, including Sanskrit.

Publications: Translated in Estonian: Vetāla kakskümmendviis juttu. Sanskriti keelest tolkinud L. Mäll ja V. Masing (värsid). 127 p. Tallinn 1969 (Vetālapañcaviṁśati, transl. by Mäll, verses by U.M.).

Much on Christian and comparative religions,

Wrote poetry and one novel, translations, essays and reviews, mainly before WW II; in late years wrote much about Finno-Ugric, Samoyedic and Caucasian folklore..

Sources: Wikipedia with photo (more in German and especially in Estonian version).

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