MASING, Uku (born Hugo A. M.). Lipa, Raikkula, Rapla 11.8.1909 — 25.4.1985. Estonian Religious Philosopher. From 1928 studied theology at Tartu (M.A. 1930). In 1930-33 further studies at Tübingen and Berlin, then taught theology and Semitic languages at Tartu until the German occupation. He disliked Germans and helped Jews during the war. In 1946-64 worked as study secretary of Estonian Lutheran Church, also taught Judaism and Buddhism as Docent at Tartu. A polyglot who knew many languages, including Sanskrit.

Publications: translated in Estonian: Vetāla kakskümmendviis juttu. Sanskriti keelest tolkinud L. Mäll ja V. Masing (värsid). 127 p. Tallinn 1969.

much on Christian and comparative religions,

wrote poetry and one novel.

Sources: Wikipedia (more in German and especially in Estonian version).

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