MAYERS, William Frederick

MAYERS, William Frederick. Hobart, Tasmania 7.1.1831 — Shanghai 24.3.1878. British Diplomat in China. Son of Rev. Michael John M., colonial chaplain in Tasmania, in 1842 back to the U.K. Grew up in Marseille, where his father was now consulate chaplain. After a few years as journalist in New York, from 1859 served as interpreter in China, in Canton and Shanghai, then 1870–72 Consul at Chefoo, then Secretary of Legation in Beijing. He achieved Chinese books for British Museum and started writing a Korean grammar left unfinished at his death. Died of typhus fever on the on the eve of his return to England. Married.

Publications: “Illustrations of the Lamaist System in Tibet, drawn from Chinese Sources”, JRAS N.S. 4, 1870, 284–308.

– “Chinese Exploration of the Indian Ocean during the fifteenth century”, Chinese Recorder 3, 1875, 219-225, 321-331 & 4, 1876, 61-67, 173-190.

– Books and articles on China and Chinese literature.

Sources: JRAS Proc. 1878, xii–xiv; A.F.P[ollard], D.N.B. 37, 1894, 152f.; *J. Ryan, Oxford D.N.B.; J.C. Ting, British Contribution to Chinese Studies. 1951, 1111-1165; Wikipedia.

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