BERNARD, Theos Casimir

BERNARD, Theos Casimir. L.A. 10.12.1908 — Kosar, Pakistan 1947. U.S. Bauddha. Graduated at the University of Arizona Law School (L.L.B. 1931) and Columbia University (M.A. 1936 in Philosophy). In 1936 went to India and was initiated as a lama in Sikkim. In 1937 was allowed to visit Lhasa. 1938 returned to the U.S.A., lectured as “the White Lama”. Ph.D. 1943 Columbia University, then lived in Santa Barbara, California. In 1947 returned to India and apparently was killed in Pakistan, on his way to Lahut Valley north of the Pañjab (body never found). Married (before 1936) with Viola Wertheim Bernard .

Publications: Penthouse of the Gods: A Pilgrimage into the Heart of Tibet and the Sacred City of Lhasa. N.Y. 1939; Heaven Lies within Us. N.Y. 1939; diss. 1943 publ. Hatha Yoga: The Report of a Personal Experience. N.Y. 1944; Hindu Philosophy. 207 p. N.Y. 1947.

Sources: D. Sharit, The United States in Asia. N.Y. 1990; P. G. Hacket in Columbia Univ. homepage (with photo); Wikipedia (with photo).


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