MOZAC (Mosac), Antoine

MOZAC (Mosac), Antoine. Clermont 17.12.1704 — Pondichéry 4.12.1779. S.J. French Missionary in India. Entered S.J. in 1720, came to India 1735. First in south, from 1742 and still 1764 Superior of Bengal Mission in Chandernagor, then in 1775-77 Superior of Pondichéry Mission. In 1756 met Anquetil-Duperron. Besse (referring to *Sommervogel 5, 1332) thinks that he prepared the French translation of the Ezour Vedam.

Publications: Apparently nothing.

Sources: L. Besse, “Miss. du Carnatic”, RHIF 2, 1918, 224f.

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