NOVOSAD, Martin (Nyānasatta Mahāthera)

NOVOSAD, Martin (Nyānasatta Mahāthera). Vizovice, Moravia 25.1.1908 — Sri Lanka 1984. Czechoslovakian Buddha in Sri Lanka. Born in Southern Moravia. In 1935 heard of Buddhism through his wife and in 1938 arrived in Sri Lanka. Now became Nyānatiloka’s disciple and soon ordained as a monk. From 1940 leader of Verdant Hermitage in Bandarwela. Fluent in Sinhali and good in Pāli. Also an Esperantist.

Publications: The Basic tenets of Buddhism. 12+290 p. Rajagiriya 1966; other writings on Buddhism.

– Wrote on Buddhism also in Esperanto.

Sources: Peiris, Buddhism 144f.; *Czech Wikipedia briefly as Nyanasatta Thera, with photo; *Esperanto Vikipedio as M. Novosad.

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