BERNSTEIN, Georg Heinrich

BERNSTEIN, Georg Heinrich. Kospeda near Jena 12.1.1787 —Lauban, Silesia 5.4.1860. German Orientalist, mainly a Syriac Scholar, but also interested in Sanskrit. Professor in Breslau. School and studies, theology and Semitic languages, in Jena, from 1811 PD there. From 1812 ao. Professor at Berlin, from 1820 ord. at Breslau, where he was the first to teach Sanskrit (in 1822-25 and again 1830-31). His main field, however, was Syriac philology, where he became famous on account of his lexical and Barhebraeus studies. Visited Netherlands and England in 1815-19 (studied Sanskrit with Bopp) and England in 1836, Italy 1842-43. Never published much. The edition of the beginning of the Hitopadeśa was prepared on the basis of Hamilton’s edition (L. 1819). The Devanagari part was lithographed with neat letters and accompanied by 5 plates of letters.

Publications: Main work Lexicon linguae Syriacae. Fasc. 1. 1857 (Payne-Smith continued the work on the basis of Bernstein’s material).

Histopadaesi particula; libri introductionem et fabulas duas priores complectens. 4+16 p. 5 pl. Vratisl. 1823; review of Bopp’s Nalus in Leipziger Literaturzeitung 1820, col. 1249-1267; “Sanskritische Literatur”, ibid. 1820, col. 23-.

Sources: Bickel, A.D.B. 2, 1875, 485; Wikipedia.


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