PEPPE, William

PEPPE, William. 19.4.1822 — on Red Sea 19.7.11889. Britishman in India, interested in Archaeology. Son of George Peppe (born Peape, 1785–1837) and Janet Thomson. In 1843 went to India with his brother George (1820–1864) to India to erect a sugar factory. In 1849 married Delia Patience Bown (1815–1894), the widow of the owner of the indigo estate of Birdwood in Piprahwa, and became its proprietor. In 1857–59 served in army. Retired, but died of sunstroke on way to England. Father of —> William Claxton Peppe, —> Thomas Frazer Peppe and nine other children.

Publications: “Rough notes on the Antiquities in the Gaya District”, JASB 35, 1866, 49-61?, 5 pl.

With C. Horne: “Antiquities of Gaya”, ProcASB 1865, 80-??, 150-1??, 162-1??.


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