PERRIN, Marshall Livingston

PERRIN, Marshall Livingston. Wellesley Hills (now Frantville), Mass. 31.7.1855 — 2.12.1935. U.S. Linguist. Professor in Boston. Son of Noah P. and Philenia Winship Stone. Educated at Harvard (A.B. 1874, A.M. 1876), post-graduate studies 1877-80 at Harvard, 1883-88 in Germany, mostly at Göttingen, where Ph.D. 1889. In 1874 he had been secretary of U.S. Fishery Expedition on Pacific Coast and among McLeod Indians in California. 1880-83 schoolteacher in Boston. In 1885-88 taught at Göttingen University. Then at Boston University: 1888-89 Instructor, 1889-91 Assistant Professor and from 1891 Professor of Germanic Languages, from 1910 also of Sanskrit (succeeding Lindsay). Married in 1889 Josephine Williams (d. 1890), one son.

Publications: Diss. Ueber Thomas Castelford’s Chronik um England. Publ. 47 p. Boston 1890.

Published very little, school-books of Algebra and German, and articles, but apparently nothing on Sanskrit.

Sources: Who Was Who in Am. 1.

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