PERRY, Thomas Erskine

PERRY, Thomas Erskine. Wimbledon 20.7.1806 — London 22.4.1882. Sir British Judge in India. Son of james P., a journalist, educated at Charterhouse School and Trinity College, Cambridge (B.A. 1828). Starter career as lawyer, but soon left and studied two years at Munich. Back in England 1831 became active in politics and in 1935 called to the bar. Worked as law reporter, but lost his fortune in a bank failure and accepted the position of a Judge of Supreme Court of Bombay in 1841 (now knighted). Later (1847) Chief Justice. Returned to England in 1852. In 1854-59 M.P. for Devonport (Liberal), then member of Council of India (1859-82). Married 1834 Louisa McElkiney (d. 1841), remarried 1852 Elizabeth Margaret Johnstone.

Publications: On Aśoka (from Lassen), JBRAS 3:3, 1851, 150-178.

Cases illustrative of oriental life and the application of English law to India, decided in H. M. Supreme Court at Bombay. L. 1853; other writings on law.

A bird’s-eye view of India, with extracts from a journal kept in the provinces, Nepal, &c. L. 1855.

Sources: JRAS Proc. for 1882, viiif.; *G.F.R. Barker & K. Prior, Oxford D.N.B. 2004; Wikipedia.

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