PETROV, Aleksandr Andreevič

PETROV, Aleksandr Andreevič. 176? — St.Petersburg 1793. Russian translator, friend of —> Karamzin. Probably born in the beginning of the 1760s. From c. 1780 contributed articles to various Russian journals. Living in Moscow, from 1791 in St.Petersburg. In many works he showed his inclination to mysticism. Author of the first incomplete Russian version of the Gītā.

Publications: Transl. from the English version of Wilkins: “Baguat-Geta, ili besedy Krišny s Aržunom”, Novikov’s Pribavlenije k Moskovskim vedomostjam. 44 p. Moscow 1788.

Sources: Ènciklopedičeskij slovar’ 23, St.P. 1898, 459.

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