PIČIKJAN, Igor’ Rubenovič

PIČIKJAN, Igor’ Rubenovič. Tbilisi 3.7.1940 — Berlin 24.7.1997. Russian Archaeologist of Central Asia. Son of an army physician. After studies in Moscow worked in northern Black Sea area and Moscow museums. From 1977 naučnyj sotrudnik of Soviet Academy and Field Director of Archaeology in Tadjikistan. Excavations at Takht-i Sangin in southern Tadjikistan in collaboration with B. A. Litvinskij in 1976-91.

Publications: Malaja Azija–Severnoe Pričernomor’e: antičnye tradicii i vlijanija. 293 p. Moscow 1984.

Kul’tura Baktrii. Ahemenidskij i èllenističeskij periody. 343 p. Moscow 1991.

With B. A. Litvinskij: Èllenističeskij hram Oksa v Baktrii (Južnyj Tadžikistan). 1. Raskopki, Arhitektura, religioznaja žizn’. 664 p. Moscow 2000 and 2. Baktrijskoe vooruženie v drevnevostočnom i grečeskom kontekste. Moscow 2001.

Many articles, also in English and French.

Sources: *J.G. Vinogradov, VDI 1998:2, 208f. with photo; briefly in German Wikipedia (as Pitschikjan).

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