QUILES, Ismael

QUILES Sánchez, Ismael. Pedralba, Valencia 4.7.1906 — Buenos Aires 8.2.1993. S.J. Spanish Oriental Scholar in Argentina. In 1918-22 studies at seminary of Valencia, in 1922 joined S.J. Then further studies at Jesuit College in Zaragoza. Ph.D. 1930 Colegio Máximo de San Ignacio, Barcelona. Suffered of tuberculosis and moved to Santa Fe, Argentina in 1932. In 1932-37 further studies at Colegio Máximo de San Miguel, Buenos Aires. From 1938 Professor of History of Philosophy and Metaphysics. Then taught at Universidad del Salvador, where he was also Vice-Rector 1956-62 and Rector 1965-70 of the Comunidad del Salvador and Prorector of the University in 1970-74. In 1950-65 also Visiting Professor at Georgetown University in Washington DC. In 1960 visited Japan, India, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia. Widely appreciated as Oriental and Buddhist scholar in Latin America.

Publications: Many books on philosophy unrelated to India.

Metafísica budista. 1967Filosofía Budista. 525 p. 1973.

Filosofía y mística: yoga. 1967; Qué es el Yoga: filosofía, mística y técnica yogas. 151 p. 1970

Bhagavad Gita. 1969; Religión Hindú. 1974..

Sources: Spanish Wikipedia; https://www.biografiasyvidas.com/biografia/q/quiles.htm with photo.

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