BLOCH, Theodor

BLOCH, Ernst Theodor. Christiansfeld, Schleswig (now Slesvig, Denmark) 8.5.1867 — Calcutta 20.10.1909. German Indologist. Born as the son of a dyer master, Bernhard Bloch, in the Herrnhutian colony of Christiansfeld in the then German North Schleswig, went there to school. In 1880-82 at Unitätsanstalt and 1882-87 at Pädagogium of the Brudergemeinschaft in Niesky (bei Görlitz in Ober-Lausitz). Studies mainly at Leipzig (1889-90 in Berlin): classical philology, German, IE (Brugmann), and Indology (Windisch), later also Iranian (Lindner), Persian, Semitics and Turkish (Socin). Ph.D. 1893 Leipzig. Then two years in Vienna, where Bühler roused his interest in history and epigraphy. PD 1896 Leipzig. In 1900 came to India, where he was employed in the A.S.I., in the end as Superintendent of the Eastern Circle. In 1906-08 on sick-leave, mainly in Italy. Recovered he returned to India, but in June 1909 he again fell seriously ill and died after a few months. Sengupta (1996, 293) says he was nominated Reader of Ancient Indian History at Calcutta University (he was Fellow from 1906), but could not begin his teaching because of the early death. Beside Old and Middle Indian, he knew several NIA languages, classical Armenian and Arabic, modern Arabic, Persian and Turkish, and several European languages.

Publications: As there are no full accounts of his life and work, an exceptional degree of completeness has been attempted here.

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