BLOOMFIELD, Leonard. Chicago 1.4.1887 — New Haven CT 18.4.1949. U.S. Linguist. Professor in Columbus, Chicago, and New Haven. Son of Sigmund Bl. and Carola Buber, a Jewish family, nephew of —> M.Bl. Studies at Harvard (A.B. 1906), then 1906-08 at the University of Wisconsin, in 1909 Ph.D. at University of Chicago. Further studies 1913-14 at Leipzig and 1914 at Göttingen. In 1906-08 Assistant of German at Uni­ver­sity of Wisconsin, 1908-09 at University of Chicago. In 1909-10 Instructor at Univer­sity of Cincinnati, 1910-14 at University of Illinois. In 1914-21 Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Philology at Illinois and 1921-27 Professor of the same at Ohio State University in Columbus. In 1927-40 Professor of German Philology at University of Chicago, and 1940-47 Sterling Professor of Lin­guistics at Yale.

Famous linguist. With a foundation in German linguistics, he was influenced by behaviourism and concentrated on the vocal aspect of language (antimentalist, rejected the meaning). A structuralist. In addition to Sanskrit, German and IE lan­guages he was also a distinguished scholar of the Algongkin languages of North American Indians and of Austronesian.

Publications: Introduction to the Study of Language. N.Y. 1914; Language. N.Y. 1933; etc.

– “The Indo-European Palatals in Sanskrit”, AJPh 32, 1911, 36-67; “On Some Rules of Pāṇini”, JAOS 47, 1927, 61-70.

edited Algongkin texts, etc.

Sources: Directory of Am. Sch. 1st ed. 1942; Who Was Who in America; several contemporary accounts in Am. Biogr. Arch. 2nd Series; P. Swiggers, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 109-111; Wikipedia.


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