BLUNT, James Tillyer.

BLUNT, James Tillyer. 1765 — 1834. British Officer in India, visited Delhi. Cadet 1782, arrived in Bengal 1783. Served in Bengal Engineers as ensign, assisted Reuben Burrow in geographical survey and participated in 1791-92 Mysore war. Then surveyed north-west India and 1895-96 Bengal. Lieutenant 1796, barrack-master of Fort William 1798. In 1803-05 participated in the conquest of Cuttack. Captain 1807, retired 1809. His will of 1834 is in Kew National Archives, then he was retired of E.I.C. military service. Also his water-colour drawings are preserved.

Publications: An account of the Qutub Minar (Delhi) for the As. Res. 4, 1895.

Sources: The East India Military Calendar 3, 1825, 290-294; years in P. Harrington, Plassey 1757. 1994, 91 Not in the D.N.B., nor in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st & 2nd series, no works in B.L.C.


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