BORGSTRØM, Carl Hjalmar

BORGSTRØM, Carl Hjalmar. Oslo 14.9.1909 — Oslo 14.9.1986. Norwegian Celtic and IE Linguist. Professor in Oslo. From 1928 studies of Celtic and comparative IE at Oslo. Ph.D. 1936 Oslo. In 1932-35 Lecturer in Comparative Philology at Trinity College in Dublin. In 1936-37 Professor of Indian Philology at Ankara in Turkey. Then Research Scholar at Oslo University working on Gaelic dialects. Because of German occupation he exiled to Sweden in 1942 and became Lecturer in Linguistics at Lund in 1945. From 1947 Professor of Comparative Linfuistics at Oslo. Retired in 1976. He was mainly a Celtic scholar, but occasionally taught even Vedic (and Turkish).

Publications: diss. publ. as “The dialect of Bara in the Outer Hebrides”, NTS 8, 1940, 71-242; other Celtic studies, often in the NTS.

with G. Morgenstierne & H. Vogt: “A Triplet of Burushaski Studies”, NTS 13, 1942, 59-147.

– “The categories of person, number and class in the verbal system of Burushaski”, NTS 13, 1945, 130-147.

– “Thought about IE vowel gradation”, NTS 15, 1952, 137-187 & 16, 1954, 136-147; other IE studies.

Sources: F. Thordarson, Lex. Gramm. 1996, 12?f.; briefly in Norwegian Wikipedia.


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