BOURQUIN, Auguste Ali

BOURQUIN, Auguste Ali. 18?? — 192?. French (or more probably Swiss) Protestant Priest and Indologist. In 1882 he was member of Scotch Mission at General Assembly Institution in Bombay, but returned soon after that to Europe after having spent eleven years as missionary in India. He was also attached at Royal College in Bombay. Dr.théol. 1885 Paris. In 1889 he was the minister of Vals-les-Bains, in 1897 living in Lausanne. In 1901 his adress was unknown to the D.M.G., then in 1916, 1918 and still 1926 he was French Consular Agent in Denver, Colorado. In 1930 no longer mentioned. In the member lists of Soc. as. he is in Denver in 1909 and 1924, in 1929 missing. According to the Hist.-biogr. Lex. der Schweiz there are two Bourquin families in Switzerland, in Berner Jura and in Neuchatel.

Publications: “Brahmakarma, ou rites sacrés des Brahmanes”, Mélanges. A.M.G., Bibl. d’ét. 7. Paris 1884, 3-??; translation of the Dharmasindhu, ibid. 151-1??, same in English: “Dh. or the Ocean of religious rites”, JBRAS 15, 1883, 1-24, 150-168, 225-272.

Le panthéisme dans le védas. 278 p. Paris 1885 (thèse de théol.).

– “Considérations sur le calendrier védique et sur quelques points de l’astronomie, de l’astrologie et du rituel des Indous”, Actes du VI Congrès int. des Orientalistes tenu en 1883 à Leide, III, 1885, section 2:Aryenne, 607-623.

Sources: Not in Arch. biogr. franç.; works in Renou, Bibl. védique.; member lists of D.M.G. 1882, 1901, 1918, 1926, 1930, and of Soc. asiatique 1909, 1924, 1929; briefly mentioned in RHR 9, 1884 & 12, 1885; Feuillw s’avis de Neuchâtel 18.4.1916 mentions “Monsieur et Madame Auguste-Ali Bourquin à Neuchâtel”.


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