BOXBERGER, Robert. Gotha 28.5.1836 — Stadtsulza 30.3.(30.4.?)1890. German Literate interested in Sanskrit. Son of a fireplace-maker, school in Erfurt, then studied 1855-58 philology at Jena. 1858-76 and 1878-85 teacher at the Erfurt Realschule (Gymnasium) and librarian of ther royal library there, 1876-78 in Dresden as a private scholar. 1885 a short period in Posen as a senior teacher (Oberlehrer), then retired and settled in his home region. Spent his last years in the village of Stadtsulza. Unmarried.

RB was known of his work on German literature, on authors like Lessing, Schiller, Rückert, Klopstock, and Wieland. He was much better in textual history than in biography. According to Schröder, he was nothwithstanding “bei gewissen Schwächen seiner Lebensführung” an assidious scholar and popular as a teacher. He knew Sanskrit, and compiled a metrical translation of the Bhg. from the original language.

Publications: Several works on German literature, Rückert-Studien. 1878, also edited Mahābhārata translations from Rückert’s papers.

Bhagavadgītā, metrisch übersetzt. 1870; neubearbeitet und hrsg. von H. v. Glasenapp. Reclam Bücherei. St. 1955.

Sources: E. Schröder, A.D.B. 47, 1903, 155f.; Glasenapp in his introduction to the Bhg.; German Wikipedia.


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