RADLEY, W. H. 18?? — 1???. British Physician in India. Assistant Surgeon (1837). In 1840 put on special duty in Nizam’s army, in 1846 in Ellichpoor. Then Surgeon of Bombay Army (1853). Married, children.

Publications: “Statistics of the Circar of Dowlutabad” MJLS 15, 1848 (1849), 481-551; “Statistical Report of the Circar of Pytun”, MJLS 16, 1850, 235-279 (Paithan).

On Buddhist caves in Daulatabad, JBRAS 5:1, 1853, 117-124; also published geological and meteorological observations.

Sources: Not in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st and 2nd Series, not in N.U.C.; the perusal of great number of brief mentions in Internet did not bring much.

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