BRANDRETH, Edward Lyall

BRANDRETH, Joseph Edward Lyall. Liverpool 4.2.1823 — London 10.12.1907. British Civil Servant and one of the Pioneers of NIA Linguistics in India. Son of Joseph Pilkington Br., a physician, and Alice Harper. Educated at Eton and Haileybury (learned Sanskrit there). Served in North India (Benares, Rajasthan, Punjab, Delhi. Rawalpindi). After retirement from I.C.S. in 1870, lived in England. Called to the English Bar in 1863 he now served as Justice of Peace in Middlesex. Member of the Council of India. Married Louisa Marriott (d. 1897), one daughter.

Publications: “On the non-Aryan languages of India”, JRAS 10, 1878, 1-32; “Gaurian compared with the Romance languages”, JRAS 11, 1879, 287-316 & 12, 1880, 335-364; contributed to Oxford New English Dictionary.

Sources: T.H.T[hornton], JRAS 1908, 613-619;; not in Br. Biogr. Arch. 1st and 2nd Series; no more works in N.U.C.

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